Friday, June 28, 2013

The gothic style of the italian painter Mr. Merisi (aka Caravaggio)

It is a dark and truculent painting that of Caravaggio (real name Michelangelo Merisi):

Merisi aka Caravaggio exhibition 

He loves mythological themes that he renders with his particular style that can be suitable for a black metal band's album cover and in fact we discovered he collaborated with the band HERESIA 666: 

The illustration of Caravaggio represents the title because it shows the head John the Baptist in the tray, being carried by Salome. Represents more than that, since there are present the lack of values, revenge, betrayal, abuse of power and more” said Artur, bassist:

Caravaggio for Heresia 666

Surely his gothic themes will create him many difficulties if he would like to try the art market: 

we know the average collector prefers bright and vivid colors, but we counsel to examine his art without prejudice and recognize all his skills and the sincere poetical struggle that there is in his art.

His art is similar in mood (dark & blood :) ) to that of Rea (real name Marco Rea) another Italian artist who creates dark portraits from commercial billboards (another kind of –contemporary-mythology!)

Marco Rea exhibition

Rea creates his artworks using the spray painting technique, in fact he comes from the street art, Caravaggio instead has standard academicals studies even if he too collaborated with some street art crews, as you can see in these photos:

Caravaggio collaboration with street art crew 
We wait for your comments on Merisi aka Caravaggio's art!